CJGP Miniature Pressure Transmitter

It is MINI and high frequency Osmometer which is used in testing osmotic pressure of soilwater. Usually, its usage is combine with usage of dynamic soil strain sensor.It has features of outstanding static and long-term stability, it is high accuracy compare with usual osmometer.

Its usage combines with dynamic strain sensors 
Out-standing static characteristics
Long-term stability
It is high accuracy compare with usual osmometer sensor

Technical Parameters

Measure Media: liquid and gas (compatiable with silicon and stainless steal)
Measure Range: 0~20Kpa~5Mpa
Natural Frequency: ≥10KHz
Nolinear: ±0.2%~±0.5%
Power supply:①constant-current source/constant pressure source ②±5VDC    ③24VDC
Output Signal: Sensor signals 100mV±50%; Work with Signal amplifier: 4~20mA   0~5V
General Accuracy: ±0.5%FS ±1%FS
Long-term stablity: ±0.2%FS/year (typical) ±0.5%FS/year (MAX)
Work temperature:-20℃~80℃
Zero temperature coefficient:≤1*10-4FS/℃
Sensitive temperature coefficient:≤1*10-4FS/℃

Appearance Size: Φ5 Φ6 Φ8 Φ10