On-line Tuning Fork Densimeter


CJMD-F-CR insertion density meter could apply the on-line density testing. It could be applied in the product process controlling based on the basic parameters of density, or the mass controlling system as the solid percentage or the concentration for references.

Typical Industries include petroleum chemical industry, wine industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and mineral processing, (for example clay, Carbonate Carbon, Silicate, etc.). The insertion density meters are applied in the pipeline detection of the multiple medium of the industries listed above, density testing of the stirred mixture, the reaction kettle end monitoring, and the separator interface detection.


CJMD-F-CR density meter fully integrates digital density measurement for monitoring and control; Capable of direct insertion into large bore pipe work applications, substantially reducing the installation cost compared to flow through devices;

Technical Parameter

Density range

0.5 2.5 g /cc (500 2500 kg/m3)

Calibration range

0.8 1.2 g /cc (800 1200 kg/m3)


± 0.002 g /cc (± 2 kg/m3)


± 0.0002 g /cc 0.2 kg/m3)

Temperature range (Process)

-20 ~ +150 Degree Celsius ()

Pressure rating

0MP ~    10MPa

Viscosity range

0 20000 cP

Temperature effect

Less than 0.1 kg/m3/ (After Calibration)

Impact from pressure


Built-in temperature sensor


Wetted parts

Stainless steel 316L/ HC Hastelloy

Tine finish

Standard, PFA coated, or Electro-polished

Power supply

24VDC500 mA

Analog Output

4 -20 mA0-1000HzRS485 Modbus RTU

Density accuracy - process(20)

± 0.1% or ± 0.05% FS of indicated figures

Repeatability - process(-40 ~85)

± 0.05% FS



Process connection

ANSI 150 ~ 1500 RF

DIN 50 PN16    DIN 50 PN40

IDF and RJT hygienic type

Protection Grade


Outer covering

Aluminum alloy