CJBP-IC High-temperature Pressure Transmitter


CJBP-IC transmitter uses high temperature pressure sensor as sensing element. The media is transferred onto sensor through heating cooling parts, and high accuracy amplified circuit board is in stainless steel housing, transmitting sensor signal into standard output signal.The whole product is produced through components making, simi-finished product and all-finished product strict testing and aging, having stable and reliable performance.


Full welded sensor with pressure port; protection IP65;

Stainless steel contacting with media, good corrosive resistance;

High, low and common temperature measurement, good long-term stability;

Good anti-impact, anti-shock ability;

Wider operation temperature range


Reminders when choose models

1. Pay attention to media which is measured is compatible with part of product

2. Anti-exposion products don't have LCD or LED dial

3. Order temperature transmitter with LCD or LED dial, the power voltage shouldn't be less than 20VDC

4. In order to keep stable performance, we suggest user to install lightning protection device

5. If there is strong vibration, strong electromagnetic, RFI, please state before order and indicate in order.