CJ-CS02 ultrasonic level meter

CJ-CS Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitter is a kind of non-contact, high reliability, high cost performance, easy installation and maintenance of material level measuring instrument.It doesn't have to contact medium can meet the requirements of most of the material level measurement.Firing pulse and receives the pulse interval and the antenna to the surface of the measured medium is proportional to the distance, to calculate the distance on the surface of the antenna to the measured medium.The product can cooperate with RK600-01 data logger or general recording instrument is used.



Not reliant on chemical properties of the liquid

No moving parts

Simple installation with no calibration necessary

Available in a wide variety of materials and process connections

Remote Self-test to verify operation of the electronics and sensor

Auto gain control, auto power control

over-voltage/over-current protection




3 ~ 20m


0.25 ~ 0.8m

Accuracy (in air)

0.2% (full scale)

Display resolution


Current output

4 ~ 20mA

Output Resolution

0.03% of the actual range

Temperature range

-40-- +70 Degrees Celsius

Relay Output

Upper and lower control

Relay Specifications

10A AC250V/DC30V

Parameter settings

3 felt buttons

Temperature compensation

Full Range Auto

Testing cycle

1 sec


Flange or bracket

Sound beam angle

8o (3db)

Pressure range

0.04Mp special general 0.5Mp