CJBP-III Pressure TransmittersI


CJBP-III digital display product is piezo-resistive pressure transmitter with zero and span adjustable. It uses high stable and reliable pressure sensor and special circuit board to produce transmitter, and performance is good and reliable. CJBP-III pressure transmitter is used for measure and control of petroleum, chemi-industry, electric power, hydrology and flow pressure measure, etc.


Reliable performance, easy application

Short protection and reverse polarity protection

      Measure gauge, absolute and sealed gauge

      Four LED/LCD display


Measure temperature of gas or liquid which is compatible to 316L stainless steel

Used in field of petroleum, chemical industry, Metallurgy, Electricity, hydrology etc.

Performance Parameters

       Range: -100kPa…0kPa~10kPa…100Mpa

Pressure type: Gauge / Absolute

Over pressure: 1.5 times FS / 110MPa (min. value is valid)

Accuracy: ±0.5%FS ±0.25%FS

Stability: ±0.2%FS/YEAR

Zero thermal drift: ±0.02%FS/℃(≤100kPa); ±0.03%FS/℃(>100kPa)

Span thermal drift: ±0.02%FS/℃(≤100kPa); ±0.03%FS/℃(>100kPa)

Application Temp.: -10℃~75℃   -30℃~135℃(High temperature type)

 Power Supply: 12V~28V DC, 24V DC (recommended)

Display:  -1999~9999

Insulation: 100V, 100M

Protection: IP65(B1,B2); IP63(B3); IP68(Level)

Electric Connection: Cable or Junction

Box Weight: about 160g

Housing: Cast aluminium alloy(2088housing)

Diaphragm: S.S. 316L O- Ring: Viton

Ordering note:

1. Media must compatible with wetted part.
2. To ensure the products can working reliable, we suggest that customer install lightning protection device and make sure products & power are earthed.
3. Special requirement ,such as strong shock, moment vibration, strong electromagnetism, radio frequency interference ,please consult us.