Intelligent Pressure Controller

Product Introduction

H6 Series Single Input Channel Intelligent Digital Indicators can be used with variety of analog output sensors and transmitters to accomplish the measurement, transfer, display, transmission, recording and control of temperature, pressure, level, component, force and displacement, etc.
The Intrinsic Error is less than 0.5%F.S. Its calibration and digital filtering functions can help reduce the errors of the sensors and transmitters so as to effectively enhance the accuracy of measurement and control of the system.
It is adaptable to such signals as voltage, current, RTD, T/C, etc.
2-point alarm output is available, Each alarm output have 2 selectable alarm types: Upper limit alarm and Lower limit alarm. The alarm hysteresis can be set separately.
Re-Transmitted Output can provide other devices with the displaying value in the form of standard current or voltage output. The displaying value is measured and transformed by the instrument.

Power    Supply  : 85V~220VAC,    100VDC~380VDC,    power consumption less than 4VA.
Operating Conditions:0℃~50℃,Humidity less than 85%R.H.
Display range:-1999~9999,the position of the decimal point can be set.
Types of the input signal:
Voltage:1V~5V DC or 0V~5V DC is selectable by settings.
Current:4mA~20mA, 0mA~10mA or 0mA~20mA is selectable by settings.
RTD:Pt100,Cu100,Cu50,BA1, BA2 or G53 is selectable by settings.
Thermocouple:K, S, R, B, N, E, J, T is selectable by settings.

Intrinsic Error:Less than±0.5%F.S
Periods of measurement and control:0.2 seconds
Alarm Output : 2Alarm Outputs, Contact capability 220V AC, 3A
Re-Transmitted Output
4mA~20mA, 0mA~10mA or 0mA~20mA DC current output, is selectable by settings. Load capability more than 600Ω
1V~5V, 0V~5V or 0V~10V DC voltage output, remark on order.
Resolution of output:1/1000, error less than  ±0.5% F.S

Power Supply output
Universal Power Supply : Used for supplying power to Transmitter, the error of output value from nominal value is less than ±5%, load capacity is more than 50mA.
For 24V DC, 12V DC, 5V DC or other specifications, notification is needed on order.